Was he ever not in his prime?

FIFA 21 Icon Eric Cantona: All Three Moments Cards

Fut 21 icon cantona

Eric Cantona is coming to FIFA 21 as an Icon. (Image credit: EA Sports)

Eric Cantona is the face of the new FIFA 21 Icons. As such, he is given a trio of FIFA Ultimate Team cards, each one marking a different moment in the legendary Frenchman's career.

There will be eleven new FUT Icons in FIFA 21. French striker Eric Cantona is one of them and he gets a triple threat of Moments cards. EA Sports presented those cards in detail, showing the ratings of the Eric Cantona cards and how the Moments system as a whole works.

Fut 21 eric cantona icon ratings

King Eric Cantona is used to introduce the new Moments system for FIFA 21 Icons. (Image credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 21 Eric Cantona Ratings

Eric Cantona is often cited as the catalist for Manchester United's domestic dominance over two decades. One of the most charismatic footballers ever is one of eleven new FIFA 21 Icons and gets not one, but three FUT cards to show for it.

EA Sports have revealed how strong King Eric's cards are going to be. By doing that, they also introduced the new card names, though their function is not really affected. The new system includes an Early Moment, a Prime Moment and a Late Moment card, which corresponds to the Base Icon, Prime Icon and Mid Icon from FIFA 20.

Here are the Eric Cantona FIFA 21 Icons cards' stats:

Early Moment Eric Cantona - 88 OVR

Cantona's Early Moment card comes with an 88 rating and is based on his early years in the French Ligue 1 at Olympique Marseille and Montpellier.

Prime Moment Eric Cantona - 93 OVR

This card is based on his heyday in 1992-1994 when Cantona won three English Premier League titles in a row with Leeds and Machester United.

Late Moments Eric Cantona - 90 OVR

It's difficult to call Eric Cantona's late years the twilight of his career as he retired at the ripe age of 31, arguably still in his prime. Regardless, EA have valued his Late Moment card three OVR points less than his Prime Moment card.

We can't wait to see the enigmatic Frenchman in FIFA 21. We, and you, will be able to do that on October 9 when the worldwide release is scheduled to happen.

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