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FIFA 21: How to Get the OTW Map From Diogo Jota

Otw diogo jota

Diogo Jota could become a strong option for Premier League fans. (Image credit: EA Sports)

The Portuguese Diogo Jota moved from Wolverhampton Wanderers to Liverpool FC at the beginning of the Premier League season. As part of the Ones to Watch special cards, you can earn an OTW card from Jota by completing various tasks.

OTW Diogo Jota serves in FIFA 21 just in time for OTW Team 1. But unlike Hwang Hee Chan it is not a Squad Building Challenge, but an Objective player. You'll have to complete different in-game challenges to get the card. Here, we'll tell you everything you need to know.

Quick facts about OTW Diogo Jota

  • Position: LF
  • Nation: Portugal
  • League: Premier League
  • OVR: 80
  • Weak Foot: 5 Sterne
  • Special Moves: 4 Sterne
  • Expiry: October 22

Is the Card Worth it?

At first glance, OTW Diogo Jota doesn't look very exciting. 83 speed is okay, 77 passing, 84 dribbling - okay. Especially the five stars Weak Foot stands out, even though Jota does not yet make it into the best list of 5-star shooters.

As a dynamic OTW card, Jota could be quite exciting with Informs, though, especially since the card requires only a little effort, but your virtual coin account remains untouched.

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How to Get OTW Diogo Jota?

A total of five tasks must be completed to secure the Portuguese's OTW card for you:

  • Through Talent - Assist with a Through Ball using Portuguese players in 4 separate Rivals matches
  • Portuguese Pro - Score in 4 separate Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty using Liga NOS players
  • Skilled in Battle - Assist in 5 separate Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty using players with min. 4* skill
  • Rivals Record - Score 10 Finesse goals in Rivals using Premier League players
  • Premier League Performer - Score min. 2 goals per match in 5 Rivals matches using Premier League players
Diogo jota objectives

Image credit: Future

Most of the tasks are self-explanatory anyway. Theoretically, you have to play at least four rival and squad battles games. For the "Portugal Pro" challenge, we recommend FC Porto striker Moussa Marega (79 shots, 89 speed) or midfield star Pizzi (78 shots, 75 speed).

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