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People are impressed for once

First Glimpse of FIFA 21 Gameplay

FIFA 21 Gameplay Footage
We now have a clear view of the FIFA 21 gameplay. It's...good? (Image credit: EA Sports)

About a month before the release of FIFA 21, the first official gameplay videos of the new FIFA installment are making the rounds. Fingers crossed but we might be in for a decent entry this year. Haven't been able to say that in half a decade.

FIFA 21 is scheduled for an October 6 release, but why wait until then when there are the EA Game Changers coming in with the fresh FUT gameplay footage?

What Do We See in the FIFA 21 Gameplay Videos?

German YouTuber Danny "proownez" Liepolt of the FOKUS Clan was among the first to release official FIFA 21 gameplay on his channel. He is part of the EA Game Changer program, with which Electronic Arts supports content creators and professionals from the community to collect feedback on new games at an early stage.

Proownez released gameplay footage from FIFA 21 Ultimate Team on his channel and browsed through the overhauled main menu. The scenes are from the beta version of the game, so the content could theoretically change again until the release, although that isn't very likely.

You can also see the new feature that allows us to create our own stadium and individualize it by level ascents. Afterwards, the YouTuber steps directly into a game and is impressed by the revised dribbling system.

Professionals Are Impressed by FIFA 21

The German FIFA professional Mohammed "MoAuba" Harkous is already preparing for the new season with FIFA 21 and in his first video on the new game he is quite clearly impressed by the gameplay innovations.

A few days ago, he released a Q&A video in which he explains the most important changes of the latest series part. His most interesting observations are:

  • Not much has changed in the graphical department compared to FIFA 20
  • Crosses and headers are back to being a factor
  • Animations and goalkeeper AI have been significantly improved
  • Lobs and finesse shots have become more effective
  • The much advertised passing routes are not just smoke and mirrors and AI as a whole benefits
  • The new dribbling system is tight
  • Skill-Moves have become slightly more effective

Let's not place the horse ahead of the chariot but so far, so good for FIFA 21. If the pros are finding positive words, then there might be actual hope that us casuals will feel positive about the new FIFA too.

When Can We Expect the FIFA 21 Demo

With all of the details released and especially now that we've been teased with actual gameplay, the question on everyone's lips is when are we getting the FIFA 21 Demo? Sorry to disappoint y'all, but we don't know yet. No one does. The demo usually arrives 2-3 weeks prior to release, so it is conceivable that we might get the goods as soon as next week. EA Sports keeping it silent at this point.

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