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Let's see what EA got

FIFA 21 Gameplay Trailer Coming Today

FIFA 21 Gameplay Trailer
Today will clear a lot of FIFA 21 questions up. (Image credit: EA Sports)

The build-up to FIFA 21's release is well, building up, and today will mark a huge milestone on our way to the next FIFA release. EA Sports are finally giving us some actual gameplay! At 5pm CET EA Sports will present the first gameplay trailer for FIFA 21. The trailer will also touch upon all the new features announced earlier in regards to career mode, FUT Co-Op and VOLTA.

FIFA 21 Erling Haaland
EA will put the new gameplay features on display for the first time. (Image credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 21 Gameplay Trailer

EA Sports announced some serious inovation plans for FIFA 21, including a brand new FUT Co-Op mode, improved VUELTA and a complete revamp of career mode. They did hint at an August reveal and further elaboration on said new features, but we were certainly not expecting it this early in August.

Nobody's complaining on our side: 5pm CET is the moment of truth.

New Advantage Feature in FIFA 21

You just love a leak right before an official announcement and by the looks of it, we have one! The leak suggests a new advantage mechanic to the one we're used to. In the past, you could play automatically after a foul or simply wait for a free kick to be taken. FIFA 21 will give you more control as you can immediately discard the advantage and accept the foul.

Not an earth-shattering change, but at least a welcome innovation for fans of the series. Especially since the old regulation had not always worked without problems. Of course, that is assuming this one will.

Mike Fookin' Dean in FIFA 21

Another leak includes Mike Dean's mug. FIFA 21 might be refereed by real-life big names of the game, such as English Premier League ref Mike Dean. Dean is the first Prem ref to show 100 red cards, which makes us wonder if EA will set his FIFA 21 character to give out red cards for improper breathing.

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