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FIFA 21 FUT Co-Op Guide: What You Can and Can't Do

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With FIFA 21 FUT Co-Op we can now play FUT while being in different rooms. (Image credit: EA Sports)

One of the hottest new features in FIFA 21 is the FUT Co-Op mode. We can finally enjoy some help in the unforgiving world of FIFA Ultimate Team. Here's what to expect of the new mode.

The announcement of FUT Co-Op was met with positivism. Gamers always enjoy a chance to blame a teammate for their shortcomings. It's also something never tried in a FIFA game before and new stuff always gets the crowd pumping. What exactly is FIFA 21 FUT Co-Op bringing to the table? That's what we're going to discuss in the next few paragraphs.

What Is FIFA 21 FUT Co-Op

It was possible to play FIFA Ultimate Team with a buddy on one console at home before. The game-changer is that said buddy no longer needs to be sitting next to you. Everything is taken online.

FIFA 21 FUT Co-Op Available Modes

Not all game modes can be played co-operatively, but you can take part in special co-op challenges and goals that will provide you with unique rewards for your team.

You can choose between Squad Battles, Division Rivals and Friendlies. The FUT Champions Weekend League is not available in the co-op mode, nor are draft games.

How Many Can Play FIFA 21 FUT Co-Op at Once?

FIFA 21 FUT Co-Op is currently limited to two players per side. So a maximum of four players (two per team) can play in a single match.

FIFA FUT 21 Co-Op Cross-Platform Play

Cross-platform playing is not possible in FIFA 21 at the moment. Players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC must stay within their own tribes.

FIFA FUT 21 Co-Op Match Generator

How do matchups work? In Division Rivals the stronger player's division is always the decisive factor. If you are in division 5 and your buddy in division 2, the match search engine will find you a division 2 opponent. The dumb part? You still get rewarded as if you were playing an opponent from your own division. In our example, that would be division 5.

The Highest Rated Players in FIFA 21

Which Player's Team Is in Play?

The person who sets up the lobby will become the captain, meaning that they have control over which of their squads will be used for the match and what game mode you will play. From the lobby, both players will see the captain’s top-rated players from their current active squad and when both players are ready the captain will have the ability to start the game in the chosen mode.

How to Invite a Friend to the Co-Op Party

This works via the new friends hub. Check the main menu of FIFA 21 to see which friends are online at the moment and invite them with a simple button press.

Is It Possible to Face Co-Op Teams Alone?

Yes. Even if you play Division Rivals alone, you may be placed against FUT Co-Op teams. However, this option can be easily disabled in the game search. There is an option where you can decide whether you want to play against co-op duos and solo players or only against solo players.

Fut koop fifa 21 optionen

You can choose whether or not you'd like to play vs. a Co-Op team in Division Rivals. (Image credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 21 FUT Co-Op Rewards

In Squad Battles and Rivals, based on the result of the game, each participant will earn their weekly score and coins for the match using the regular in-game calculations. In Co-Op Friendlies, rewards are the same as playing Friendlies solo.

FIFA 21 is coming out tomorrow and you already know that EarlyGame will be there for the big day. You can calm yourself down prior to the official release with some videos from our YouTube channel.

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