FIFA 21 Free Kicks: Tips and Tricks!

FIFA 21 Free kicks
Everything you need to know about free kicks (Image Credit: EA Sports)

With FIFA 20, EA Sports has completely redesigned the free-kick system. But this year, the mechanics still work the same way. You want to shoot strong free kicks and score goals in FIFA 21? With our tips & tricks, you will become a professional.

FIFA fans first had to get used to the last year's revised free-kick system. This year the developers have adopted the same game mechanics. We will tell you how you can shoot perfect free kicks in FIFA 21 and what you have to consider.

FIFA 21: This Is How Free Kicks Work

By pressing R2/RT you select the player who will take the free kick. Important values are the free kick precision and the stats for shot power and curve. After that you have to decide for one of three run-ups:

You have the choice between a normal, a very straight and a lateral approach. You choose the position by moving the right analog stick to the left or right. The normal and straight approaches are suitable for kicking the ball over the wall, while the lateral approach is designed to circle the ball around the defenders at a sharp angle.

But be careful: If you move down on the right stick, your player will already start to take the free kick.

How to Take Free Kicks in FIFA 21

As with penalties, you use the cursor to determine where the ball should go. There is a lot to consider. If you want to kick the ball with a specific spin or twist, you sometimes need to place the cursor above or next to the goal to set in at the perfect angle.

By holding down the shoot button, you determine how strong the shot should be. Alternatively, this also works if you hold down the right analog stick longer.

Timed finishing also plays a role in free kicks: If you shoot with this option and the bar is in the green area, scattering is reduced and the shot goes exactly where you want it to go.

In FIFA 21, there are a total of three ways to give free kicks a spin or a twist:

1. Top Spin

If you want to get top spin on your ball, you first move the right stick in a straight line from bottom to top. The faster you make this movement, the more spin the ball gets For top spin, the ball loses height, so you should place the cursor slightly above the goal.

For the top spin, a normal or very straight approach is recommended

2. Side Spin

To do this, move the right analog stick in a semicircle from bottom to top. To the left for a player with a strong left foot, to the right for a right-footed player. Place the cursor close to the goal to play the ball around the wall.

If you also choose to approach the kick from the side, you’ll give the ball some extra spin.

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3. Knuckleball / Power Free Kick

The third and most difficult variant of the FIFA 21 free kicks is called Knuckleball. For this, you have to move the right analog stick quickly down, up, and then down again. This variant has no spin but is very strong. So move the cursor exactly where the shot should go.

Here we recommend the normal or very straight approach. The flight curve of the knuckleball is almost unpredictable. So it is relatively difficult to score goals with it, but it is just as difficult for the goalkeeper to make the save.

So to score a free-kick goal in FIFA 21 is quite difficult. If you want to master the different variations and the execution, you'll need a lot of practice to make the ball bounce into the net.

You can train free kicks either in the FIFA 21 skill games or in the practice arena. In the latter, simply press the +Control Pad on the controller to take a free kick.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.