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FIFA 21 Early Access: First Game Gameplay - PSG vs Liverpool


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We got a copy of FIFA 21 well before release and we at EarlyGame are not the selfish types: Sharing is caring, so we want to share our first FIFA 21 impressions. After installing the 43GB game, we were greeted by 'EA Sports - it's in the game' and were then prompted to play a fictitious Champion's League Final between PSG & Liverpool.

We captured the gameplay for you, so that you can also get some first impressions of FIFA 21's gameplay. Click through to see some goals and some Neymar, Mbappé and Salah in action.

If you want more FIFA content, you're in luck, because we have got plenty:

Remember that FIFA 21 releases on October 6th and also remember: It's just a game. We all know how salty and angry FIFA can make even the most Zen person on any given day...

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