Division Rivals rewards will be dealt right after TOTW

FIFA 21 Division Rivals: Rewards & When You Get Them

FIFA 21 FUT Division Rivals rewards

FIFA 21 Division Rivals rewards will be distributed at the same time every week. (Image credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 21's Ultimate Team mode has that neat feature called Division Rivals where you play online against other players and get, depending on your results, great rewards. It's not so simple though. When will you receive your FIFA 21 Division Rivals rewards? We will tell you.

Many players are already filling up EA Servers prior to FIFA 21's official release on October 9. Those with early access are making their way straight into FIFA Ultimate Team and venture into Division Rivals. Once they've won some matches though, the question arises: when will they receive their awards.

FIFA 21 Division Rivals

Division Rivals is maybe the most important game mode in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. While you play against the CPU in Squad Battles, you compete against the FUT squads of other players in Division Rivals. By winning, you collect weekly points, which can be directly converted into powerful rewards.

Division Rivals is also the way to qualify for the FUT Champions Weekend League, which takes place every weekend and offers the strongest rewards in FIFA Ultimate Team.

There are 10 leagues in Division Rivals. The quality of your bonuses depends on the corresponding league and rank (six per league) within a division. One of the most important new features in FIFA 21 - ascents to a higher division, can give you a unique coin bonus.

Every week you can play a maximum of 30 FIFA 21 Division Rivals games which will be included in your ranking. Afterwards, you can continue playing and complete additional goals or tasks without affecting your rank.

When Are FIFA 21 Division Rivals Rewards Coming?

The day that FIFA 21 fans should look forward to every week is Thursday. Every Thursday at 09:00 CEST EA Sports distributes the FIFA 21 Division Rivals rewards to players. The timing could not be better with Team of the Week releasing every Wednesday evening. Squad Battles rewards are situated at a slightly different time - Monday midnight.

No matter the game mode, you always have a choice between the following rewards:

  • Coins
  • Exchangeable packs
  • Non-exchangeable packs (double quantity)

You should not select the coins. Simple as that. Exchangeable packs contain players that you can sell on the transfer market and are much more lucrative than the coin bonus. Non-exchangeable packs cannot be sold, but you receive double the amount - which increases your chances of getting the best FIFA 21 players.

In addition, depending on your rank, FUT Champions points will be awarded. You need these points to unlock access to the FUT Champions Weekend League. 2,000 points are necessary to participate in the competition from Friday to Sunday.

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