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FIFA 20 Summer Heat: all the different ways you can get good cards

FIFA 20 Summer Heat

Summer Heat is among the more massive FIFA 20 campaigns. (Image credit: EA Sports)

EA Sports never sleep, at least when it comes to FIFA 20 FUT promos. TOTSSF just came to an end and what do you know, we have a new series right after it. It’s called Summer Heat, which depending on your location, might sound like a bad joke with all the rain that’s been falling. Let’s see what it’s about!

Oh, Summer Heat, where art thou?

FIFA 20 Summer Heat has been launched and it has a lot of stuff going on. Stuff we’ll try to clear up here. The whole campaign is split into a few sub-categories, beginning with:

Summer Heat Winner

On select days, FIFA 20 players will be presented with a choice upon login. So-called Player Pick packs, containing loan versions of some of FUT 20’s brightest stars, will pop onto your screen. The player you choose gets your vote. The winner receives a special SBC card as a Summer Heat Winner item. The losers also get boosted Summer Heat cards, which will be available only through FUT Draft. All clear? Good. Next!

FIFA 20 Summer Heat cards

Summer Heat promises a lot of valuable cards. (Image credit: EA Sports)

Summer Showdown

With football now back in action, EA Sports are making content out of it. And it’s not TOTW. The Summer Showdown special items will highlight one match per week. The best performers on each team will get, similar to the Summer Heat Winners, special SBC cards. The final shape of the cards will hang on the result as the player from the winning team will get a permanent +3 OVR boost. In case of a draw, what do we do? That’s right – we split the points - +1 OVR on both items.

Best of

When in doubt, re-release the best cards around. Three times during the Summer Heat campaign, EA Sports will re-release some of the best cards that have been part of different FUT 20 campaigns. The first pack has been dropped already.

Fan Favorites aka more re-releases

The Summer Heat Fan Favorites are another version of Best of. Only this time, the cards re-released will be former SBCs and Objectives. The new boosted cards will be released in the same format as before – SBCs or Objectives.

Summer Heat rewards

EA Sports will give out engagement rewards to eligible players who’ve matched certain criteria. Weekend League also gets a reward system. For more details on those, check the official press release.

We’ll be following the Summer heat festivities closely, highlighting the best items here on EarlyGame. You wouldn’t want to miss it!

Kiril Stoilov

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