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FIFA 20 Philippe Coutinho SBC solution

Totssf philippe coutinho

Philippe Coutinho's late season form earned him a great FIFA 20 TOTSSF SBC card. (Image credit: Getty)

At the start of the season Bayern München took Phippe Coutinho on loan from Barcelona. The Brazilian started slow, but he’s done well enough in the latter stages of the season to deserve a Bundesliga TOTSSF SBC card in FIFA 20. Let’s see how we can solve it in the cheapest way possible!

Whether Philippe Coutinho will stay with Bayern after the loan is unclear. What is much clearer, however, is that the Brazilian is playing a strong season in Munich after initial difficulties at the start. Within the framework of the Bundesliga TOTSSF, EA Sports gave him an all-round special card that can be unlocked. We have the solution to TOTSSF Coutinho SBC.

The Philippe Coutinho TOTSSF SBC card

  • Position: CAM
  • Nation: Brazil
  • League: Bundesliga
  • OVR: 92
  • Weak foot: 4 stars
  • Skill Moves: 5 stars
  • Price: approx. 500.000 coins
  • Expiration: No

As one of the few 5-star-skillers in the Bundesliga, Philippe Coutinho's Gold card was already one of the most popular cards at the beginning of FIFA 20. His position on the left wing was kind of a bugger, though, due to his rather modest pace. However, this TOTSSF card deals with the problem.

TOTSSF Coutinho is moving into the CAM slot and is a huge improvement over his former self: 91 pace, 93 passing and 96 dribbling. Only the physical side needs a boost, but that's what Chemistry Styles are for. With Hawk, he achieves an overall rating of 95 at the CAM position.

Is the card worth it?

Around 500,000 coins for an SBC is certainly not cheap. Even if the values are convincing all around: the deal is only worthwhile to a limited extent - at least for pure Bundesliga teams in the FIFA Ultimate Team.

The TOTSSF card of teammate Thomas Müller is stronger in direct comparison. Kai Havertz's new card is also stronger, and both are also cheaper than Coutinho. The Brazilian still possesses some distinct advantages over both:

  • Better overall offense
  • Outstanding long-range shooting
  • Set pieces, especially free kicks
  • Greater agility and balance

Whether the 200,000 or so coins are worth more to you is a matter of perspective. While there are similarly valued cards that can be acquired for less dough, we still see the TOTSSF Philippe Coutinho SBC as a worthwhile investment.

Cheapest solution

Half a million coins invested in four separate squads. Strap in.

  • Team with a player from Bayern München (85 rating, at least 75 chemistry)
  • Team with a player from Brazil (86 rating, at least 70 chemistry)
  • Team with a player from the Bundesliga (86 rating, at least 65 chemistry)
  • Team with a rating of 87 (at least 60 chemistry)
Totssf coutinho fc bayern sbc loesung

La Liga is our weapon of choice for this one. (Image credit: FUTBIN)

Team 1: Bayern München

The majority of the team is made up of players from the Spanish La Liga. Frenchman Corentin Tolisso meets the requirement, and TOTSSF Fernando Muslera is also back in the fold as a current SBC bargain.

Totssf coutinho brasilien sbc loesung

Kılınç and Erkin on the left side + Talisca = profit (Image credit: FUTBIN)

Team 2: Brazil

An 86 rating isn’t that easy to achieve. Fortunately, there is now the Turkish Super League TOTSSF to help with the requirement at a reasonable price. Emre Kılınç and Caner Erkin help us along the way, Anderson Talisca is our Brazilian entry.

Totssf coutinho bundesliga sbc loesung

A third TOTSSF card joins Kılınç and Erkin for this squad - Papiss Demba Cissé. (Image credit: FUTBIN)

Team 3: Bundesliga

We bring back Kılınç and Erkin, in combination with Onana and a Brazilian faction from the Chinese CSL. Philippe Countinho's own gold card meets the final requirement. This SBC alone costs almost 125,000 coins.

Totssf coutinho 87 squad sbc loesung

Even more Turkish Super League TOTSSF cards are needed here. (Image credit: FUTBIN)

Team 4: 87 rating

The most expensive of the four teams. This challenge costs around 175,000 coins. Perhaps the cheapest way is again via the Turkish Super League TOTSSF, in combination with some players from the Portuguese Primeira Liga.

Once you have completed all four challenges, you have relieved your virtual account in FIFA 20 by a large amount of coins. In return, you get the services of TOTSSF Coutinho, a strong option that should remain in your team until the end of FIFA 20.

Want to further enforce your attack through the Bundesliga TOTSSF? Try Robin Quaison out!

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