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FIFA 20 Karim Benzema La Liga Player of the Month SBC Solution

Karim benzema

Karim Benzema is still going strong for Real Madrid. (Image credit: Pierre-Philippe Marcou/AFP)

Karim Benzema is at the epicenter of Real Madrid's late rally to win the Spanish La Liga. He's been named the player of the Month for June and EA Sports have created an SBC card of the striker. We solve it the cheap way.

The Karim Benzema La Liga Player of the Month SBC Card

  • Position: ST
  • Nation: France
  • League: Spanish La Liga
  • OVR: 92
  • Weak Foot: 4 stars
  • Skill Moves: 4 stars
  • Price: approx. 45.000 coins
  • Expiry: August 11

99 ball control and dribbling, 98 vision and positioning, 97 short passing. These stats perfectly reflect Benzema's real life strengths - a forward that knows how to play the game. Unfortunately, his low physical stats, most crucialy those pace related, hinder his FIFA 20 viability. Still, for just 45,000 coins, the Frenchman could be worth the gamble

La liga potm benzema karte

Cheapest Solution

All of those 45,000 coins are going into one squad, which is:

  • Team with a player from Real Madrid (82 rating, min. 80 chemistry)

If you still have a few strong players in your squad to trade in, the cost of this SBC can be reduced noticeably.

La lia potm karim benzema sbc

Almost entirely made up of Spaniards, this team does just enough to win you the Karim Benzema SBC. (Image credit: FUTBIN)

Team Karim Benzema

With a little help from the Portuguese Primeira Liga, we manage to keep the chemistry and overall rating high enough with a majority Spanish squad.

Another Player of the Month - Bruno Fernandes, also received an updated SBC card, although a costly one. You can have a go at that one if you're a Manchester United fan or just enjoy throwing FIFA coins at stuff in general.

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