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Festival: Flash Forward is Live Inside MTGA!

A screenshot from Festival: Flash Forward

Did you miss your favorite time-traveling planeswalker? (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

The battle of the card games never stops. Hearthstone has its world-famous Festival of Fire and MTG has its Magic Fest, but we can never have too much celebration! That’s why there’s another one that’s live right now - MTG Arena’s Festival of Time.

True to its name, the Festival: Flash Forward in-game event is… well, quite straight forward. It is meant to guide both new and experienced players to the upcoming set rotation and prime them for the future game where many important cards will be missing.

The official promotional text by Wizards reads:

Glimpse the future of Standard and play with preconstructed decks using only cards from the past year during this weekend's event.

Basically, logging players will be given pre-constructed decks built only with cards from the past year. The idea here is to get used to playing with them, as they will remain relevant in Standard for a long time to come.

The event will cost you an entrance fee of 500 Gems or 2500 gold and there are no knock-outs - you play until you give up or the event is over.

Winning games will award you with special card styles for Containment Priest, Massacre Wurm, and Cultivate.

The festival will be gone after the weekend, so make sure you get your games going today, or you’ll miss out.

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Nikola Petrov

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