The LEC got its first 3:0 team

FC Schalke 04’s woes deepen after loss to Rogue

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S04v Rog BG

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The squad looked better but players still need to find their groove.

After two wins in the opening days, Rogue were definite favorites in their game against the struggling Schalke. The German team was starting to look like a mid-tier team by the latter part of the spring season, but in their opening games in the summer they did not look on point.

As the game started, however, it was Schalke who took first blood in the top lane. They continued focusing resources there, while Rogue countered by playing for the bottom lane. Things turned in Rogue’s favor when a gank attempt against Emil "Larssen" Larsson backfired and the mid laner picked three kills. The favorites gradually took control of the game and it was nearly complete when, 24 minutes in, they got the mountain soul and an ace after a great Orianna Shockwave from Larssen, then secured a Baron as well.

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The game looked lost for Schalke when, 32 minutes in, Nihat "Innaxe" Aliev’s Aphelios came online and single-handedly turned what looked like a lost fight by getting three kills and surviving in a 1v4. Yet it was all Schalke’s AD carry could manage to make the game close. Despite losing members, Rogue took the next two fights and eventually closed out the game.

It was a difficult game for Schalke as they were first out-drafted and then fell far behind in the mid-game. Innaxe was their ace in the hole, but he went without support too long and was not able to carry the game. Rogue are now ending the week with a 3:0 record and, while not faultless, make a statement that they should once more be considered part of the LEC’s upper echelon.


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