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FC Schalke 04’s Winning Streak Continues at LEC

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Once again, Schalke came out of a horrible start of the season to become a dangerous wildcard in the second half of the split. It is likely too late for Schalke to salvage their split but they will take someone with them.

Excel Esports were hoping to keep their playoff chances alive as they faced off against FC Schalke 04 in the first game of LEC Week 7, but while Schalke’s own odds of making playoffs are nearly astronomical, they have recently proven to be a tough opponent.

Even Start for Schalke and Excel

The two teams were neck and neck in the first 10 minutes but a series of good plays saw Schalke amass a growing lead. By the 16-minute mark, the German squad was over 5K gold ahead and dominated the map, eventually securing an uncontested Baron seven minutes later.

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Excel had their chance 25 minutes in as they had the early advantage in the fight. However, Schalke rallied, equalized the kills and continued pushing to get two inhibitor towers. The UK team tried to cut them off as they retreated, but Schalke’s reinforcements won the fight. With three kills going to the German team, they had the Nexus in sight and soon took their fourth win of the split.

Schalke are now standing at 4-10, just two games behind teams that are vying for a playoff spot. With a shaky Origen as their next opponent, can the German team top their spring performance and actually make the top 6?


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