It may be too late for the Royal Blues to make playoffs, but it is not too late to play spoiler

FC Schalke 04 Defeat Misfits Gaming for first 2-0 week

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With a 5-7 record, Misfits Gaming had little room for error if they wanted to salvage their split and on paper the 2-10 FC Schalke 04 should have been one of their easier opponents. However, Schalke was coming off a big morale boosting win against G2 Esports where their players showcased their potential - and they would do so again against the struggling Misfits roster to give them their fourth consecutive loss.

Schalke took first blood in the game when they caught Iván "Razork" Martín Díaz in their jungle. Misfits Gaming had the better control of neutral objectives, taking the first two drakes, but 15 minutes in their attempts to get a kill top backfired as they lost two instead and they started quickly falling behind.While Schalke 04’s push slowed down as the mid-game progressed, they were still in control off the map and if Misfits did not want to see a fourth consecutive defeat screen, they had to act.

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Their chance came 30 minutes in when they got a kil on Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu, yet Schalke still committed to the 4v5 fight. It was a chaotic brawl that ended in four kills each. However, the teams were still far from even and a fight in the mid lane a minute later ended in a 4:1 and the Baron for Schalke. When Misfits tried to contest the mountain soul three minutes later, Schalke pounced and after a quick 4:1 ended the game. While only their third win of the split, this marks their first 2:0 week this season. Sadly, their odds of making playoffs are nearly astronomical - but this is now the case for Misfits as well, who after four consecutive losses are at 5-9.

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