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FaZe Clan VALORANT Invitational Goes Into the Playoffs!

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The tournament goes into the playoffs and ends on Sunday. (Image credit: FaZe Clan via Twitter)

Yesterday the Valorant Invitational of the FaZe Clan started and with it the third North American tournament of the Valorant Ignition Series. The playoffs start today!

It's playoff time again! After an easily predictable group phase, the FaZe Clan Invitational is going into the playoffs today. After all the problems Riot Games and the makers of Valorant had to deal with lately, the upcoming games should be quite interesting.

Due to server problems, the latest agent Killjoy was made temporarily unavailable during tournaments. That means we will (probably) see the last tournament in which only agents from Act I are playable.

The Group Phase

FaZe Clan Valorant Invitational Group Phase

Image credit: FazeUp via Twitter

The group phase exactly as everyone expected with only the biggest esports organizations remaining. Sentinels and Gen.G in Group A and Cloud 9 and TSM in Group B - logical. In Group C, Complexity again narrowly missed out on a place in the playoffs. The team, which had just been formed for the PAX Arena Invitational, was not able to break through the difficult Group C in the last tournament.

In group D the hosts from the FaZe Clan had to make an effort. China Nguyen almost took the place away from them. There was also one team, in particular, that was disappointing: 100Thieves. For weeks now, Hiko's team has been unable to catch up and deliver results.

The Playoffs

Today the quarterfinals of the Upper Bracket will take place. Here every time David plays Goliath. The hosts FaZe can look forward to defending champion Sentinels. C9 gets to know ENVY and T1 can fight their feud with TSM. The final match will be Immortals against Gen.G.

FaZe Clan Invitational Valorant Playoffs

Image credit: FaZe Clan via Twitter

EarlyGame Prediction:

Due to the back and forth in the FaZe clan and the solid performance of the Sentinels, we are betting on the latter, whereas the home advantage should push the fresh FaZe roster. Cloud 9 will not put up with anything from ENVY. C9 placed second at the PAX Arena Invitational and they might have a chance to take the title here.

T1 wouldn't want to lose against their Valorant arch enemy TSM, but we're betting on TSM. In the duel Immortals vs. Gen.G we can hardly decide because we see Gen.G failing in the quarterfinals all the time. Immortals could and should get one round further into the Upper Bracket.

How it will really turn out then, we will see here:

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But until the games start, you can take a little break. A little time off never hurt anybody. Even Pokimane knows that:

More news about the Valorant Ignition Series and the world of esports and gaming can be found as always on EarlyGame and the EarlyGame YouTube channel.

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