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We found what we don't like in FIFA this year

Fans Start Petition Against FIFA 21 Player Ratings

Petition against FIFA 21 ratings
Some people have voiced their disagreement on EA's assessment of FIFA 21 ratings. (Image credit: EA Sports)

The FIFA community is an interesting case. We always moan and complain when a new release is out, or in some cases even before it's out, yet we buy EA's product every year regardless. This year will be no exception by the look of things.

Reactions to FIFA 21 gameplay have been unusually positive buuuuut it's FIFA, people will always find something negative to focus on. In FIFA 21's case, it's the player ratings. EA Sports unveiled the numbers last Thursday and it took about 24 hours for a petition in protest of those same numbers to emerge.

Petition Against FIFA 21 Ratings

So EA Sports unboxed Pandora's chest on Thursday by revealing the official FIFA 21 ratings. We were curious as to some ratings ourselves, yet we didn't think it's at the point where a petition is needed to stop EA's incompetence.

Some FIFA fans, though, disagree. Apparently there are firm believers that EA's incompetence does deserve a petition and that's exactly what happened. A pissed off fan started a petition with the plea "EA: Redo the FIFA 21 ratings", which speaks for itself really.

The outrage is caused by some debatable decisions on the developers' part, such as keeping Messi and Ronaldo as the two best players despite them having mediocre seasons compared to Robert Lewandowski.

The EA: Redo the FIFA 21 ratings petition is still gathering steam and it currently stands at ~1300 signatures. While a few people have signed it by the time this article was completed, we don't see it reaching numbers that can bother EA even remotely.

Still a fun way to show that FIFA fans can find misery in anything.

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