After Battle of Brands, it's your turn now!

Fall Guys: Your Chance to Immortalize Yourself With Aim Lab!

Aim Lab Skin

Aim Lab is searching for the perfect skin for their Fall Guy! Do you have what it takes? (Image credit: Aim Lab via Twitter)

The Battle of Brands is over and we got one winner - the community! Ninjas, GR, Mr. Beast, and Aim Lab will get their own skins as the developers announced. But they need your support, do you have what it takes?

Aim Lab is known for its perfect training experience for FPS titles. Developed by neuroscientists, there is nothing better on the market to work on your shooting abilities. They provide you analyze of precision, speed, and your strengths and weaknesses within the game.

Recently they also added their programs for Fall Guys - well, more or less at least. With G2 Esports, Mr. Beast, and Ninja the company participated at the "Battle of Brands" donating over $1 million for charity.

Fall Guys G2 and Ninja

Aim Lab's previous concept simply does not work compared to these cool skins. (Image credit: G2 Esports/Ninja)

Every participant will get their own Fall Guys skin in the near future while G2 and Ninja already got their designs. However, Aim-Lab isn't happy yet with their concept, saying it's a bit too "simple". For that reason, they started a community contest and need your help!

(Image credit: Aim Lab via Twitter)

You got the chance to win $2,500! If you are a gifted illustrator or graphic designer, it's your moment to make it big! You can not only win a huge amount of money, but you can also make a name and immortalize yourself in the biggest gaming hit this summer. Your own created Fall Guys costume - sounds nice, doesn't it?

But you better watch out. The competition is fierce and above all talented, since there are already some really nice ideas:

The last one is our personal favorite and is fitting Aim Lab and Fall Guys perfectly. If you want to try and fight for fame and glory, you have until September 4th to post your designs below this post.

We wish you all the best and - most importantly - have fun!

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