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Fall Guys Will Come to Mobile! Everything You Need to Know!


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Fall Guys will come to mobile! Well... in China that is. The company Bilibili has seemingly answered the question of ‘Will Fall Guys come to mobile?’. Allegedly the Chinese company has acquired exclusive rights to Fall Guys mobile in China. According to Google Translator, they are the ‘exclusive agent’ for the game that they call Jelly Bean: The Ultimate Knockout. This comes rights after developer Mediatonic has stated that all news on a possible mobile release is ‘scams’ at this point.

Still, this seems to be an official confirmation of Fall Guys coming to mobile - even if it’s just in China for now. Bilibili is a massive Chinese gaming company that is deeply invested in esports and an official statement by them claiming to have acquired the rights to Fall Guys holds significant weight.

How long will Fall Guys mobile stay exclusive to China? We don’t know. When will Fall Guys be released on mobile? We don’t know. All we know is that it is coming and that’s good enough for us for now.


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