The Streamer falls in Fall Guys, again and again...

TimTheTatman – More Like TimTheFallman

TimTheTatman becomes a meme in Fall Guys

Sure, Tim, it's the stream snipers' fault! You're powerless, of course. (Image credit: Comicbook)

Fall Guys is the summer hit of the year. Everyone tries to get to the finish line first with their little bean and be the Last Man Standing. Some of them succeed in doing so, but TimTheTatman still has his problems after more than a week. Why doesn't the seasoned gamer manage to get his first crown?

Who doesn't love it? Takeshi's Castle with friends - only without getting really wet, but instead getting virtual foam in the form of huge bananas and apples on his head. Escape from slime and fight your way over obstacles to the finish line first. This is Fall Guys - a simple and therefore ingenious game!

And it's all a lot of fun and losing isn't bad at all in the beginning. At some point you get the hang of it and you've seen most of the challenges. You know what to expect and what's the best strategy to overcome a level.

TimTheTatman - More Like TimTheFallman

We love to watch big streamers show off their gritty gameplay and win. And at least as much we love to see them fall - maybe because we can't help but feel the pain.

One streamer is being hit particularly hard at the moment and he is becoming more and more of a meme: TimTheTatman, better known for streaming shooters. A man of good standing, who actually clearly prefers one genre. He couldn't resist the Fall Guys hype though and so he gathered a troop around him. His Fall Guy, for example, is regularly accompanied by Summit1g - another big streamer that usually prefers shooters.

But until this point, Tim just doesn't want to succeed in winning a round. Meanwhile, he has failed so many times that Twitter and the rest of the internet make him a meme for his misfortunes in Fall Guys. Even his employer Twitch makes fun of him. The gentlemen were so kind and have put together some highlights for us:

Being hindered by other players is really a thing in Fall Guys, much like in any other team game. Tim likes to blame the famous stream snipers whose only goal is to stop you? We are not so sure about that. If you take a longer look at the stream, you'll quickly realize: Tim is probably not at his best in Fall Guys. He has little, not to say no feeling for the timing of jumps and moving obstacles or closing doors. All the time he jumps into the void or against walls - more than amusing for us, of course.

Unfortunately, after a few hours of watching him, we fear that Tim is not really faking it, but that he really is that bad. Good for us, bad for the wobbly bean he's controlling and his controller - it's really not his fault! There is only one thing that helps. We believe Tim will get there eventually as he really is giving his best.

Would you like to see Tim live? Then just check out his stream.

P.S. Did you know that the Fall Guys developers have declared the "Battle of the Brands"? A really cool action - take a look here:

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