BeanBot and the community give cheaters little room to breathe

Fall Guys: The Community Fights Against Cheaters!

Fall Guys further develops and enhances the anti-cheat system.

Cheaters, watch out! Gamers against Cheaters will get you! (Image Credit: Mediatonic)

As in every popular game, there are also cheaters and Fall Guys is no different. The developers take time every day to remove cheaters as quickly as possible. The community can help too. We call to arms: gamers against cheaters!

Fall Guys - the summer hit of 2020 puts a smile on our faces - until we are overtaken by a cheater for the first time on our way to grab the crown. Image this: You are at the top and having a really good run. All of a sudden an opponent comes from behind and overtakes you at triple speed and in the worst case even pushes you off the edge. Alternatively, these god damn cheaters can even fly through the air sometimes. It's pretty hard to have fun or compete if someone is cheating so maybe you just turn the game off.

Even Streamers like Shroud are not Spared:

Shroud meets a cheaters in Fall Guys. (Video Credit: Shroud via YouTube)

Season 2 Is Coming Soon - we have good news!

Fall Guys anti-cheat gets an upgrade! Season 2 was announced with several new features and skins. Cross-play should be possible and the hype couldn't be bigger. Now it's time to get the only problem of the game under control - cheaters!

Fall Guys Anti Cheat gets better!

(Image Credit: Mediatonic)

The Fall Guys developers Mediatonic have now announced via their Twitter account BeanBot to improve the anti-cheat system:

We're really sorry about the cheating problem!
We're expanding the current detection system this week to improve things.
We also have a BIG update in the next couple of weeks that adds the same anti-cheat used by games such as Fortnite
Thanks for bearing with us! - BeanBot via Twitter

In the meantime, if you would like to help hunt down cheaters, we call on you to join the movement "gamers vs cheaters". As soon as you recognize a cheater in your lobby, wait for the first team game and grief him much as you can. Do everything you can to prevent him from getting the crown!

Fall Guys Gamers against cheaters!

If the developers and community continue to work together so well, the cheaters will soon have no chance and the crowns will be ours again! Tell all your friends about "gamers vs. cheaters" and make the cheaters burn in jelly hell!

Fall Guys is coming to Xbox!

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Marian Taenzer

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