Have you already been hit by the Big Yeetus?

Fall Guys Mid-Season Update Is Here!

Big Yeetus2

The latest attraction in Fall Guys: Big Yeetus! (Image credit: Mediatonic)

As of September 15, it's finally out - the mid-season update of Fall Guys by Mediatonic! The developers have teased the patch for the popular game and now we can finally see the biggest change since the release of the game in August 2020.

The update should improve the game experience for everyone in the current season. With another bigger patch planned for season 2 at later date.

The patch is called "Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus" and addresses two important parts of the game that have caught the attention of players.

On the one hand, this should finally solve the ongoing problem with cheaters in the game! The anti-cheat software from Epic Games has now been installed and makes sure that you can win or lose fairly against the 59 other players.

Now we can finally see Big Yeetus, an oversized hammer that can spawn randomly on the map and knock you around. But if you are lucky, you can also fly to the finish line. The hammer and other random items, like fruits and other obstacles, should make the maps more exciting again and destroy the "safe" routes players are used to taking. So now, you need to watch out for both your opponents and for other unpredictable things that may appear in your path!

Big Yeetus

Meet Big Yeetus a big hammer! (Image credit: Mediatonic)

What was important for players and devs is the stabilization of the servers and the game. Mediatonic has been working hard to get these problems under control and have announced that they have brought some improvements to the game with this mid-season update. Your disconnects during the loading screen or even during a match should now occur less often.

We are super hyped for this patch and can't wait until we get the 2nd season of this addictive game. What do you think about the patch? How many times have you won the crown? And have you been hit by Big Yeetus yet? Tell us everything on our Twitter and Facebook!

If you want to stay up to date with Fall Guys, check out EarlyGame for more information or check out our cool YouTube channel.

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