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Fall Guys: Is it dead? Should it be free? How to revive it? What happened?


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Fall Guys... is it dead? Yes, no? Should it be free? Yes... no? What happened to the huge indie-hit that once was? A couple of months ago, Fall Guys was everywhere and everything and now the game usually sits at below 20k concurrent viewers on Twitch.

What happened?

Well... one could argue that the blessing that PS-Plus was at first, turned out to ultimately be a curse: Fall Guys was the most downloaded PS-Plus game of all time and boasted huge player numbers as well as a tremendous viewership on Twitch:

In September 150k people were watching the game on average. Back then, it seemed everybody was playing with the colorful jelly-bean lookalikes and Xbox players couldn't wait to get their hands on the game.

Then, that free PS Plus month ran out and it seems people are not willing or not understanding enough to pay 20 bucks for the game.

Well, Mediatonic, now it seems that those patient Xbox (and mobile) players might be the game's only salvation: We anticipate a free to play future for Fall Guys very soon. This might be a way to revive the game and boost player numbers again.

However: Not all is negative. One needs to remember that Fall Guys is still a small indie game and 20k concurrent viewership numbers are nothing to scoff at.


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