The rumors around Big Yeetus go viral

Fall Guys: Big Yeetus Coming Soon?

Fall Guys Big Yeetus

Something called Big Yeetus is coming to Fall Guys. (Image credit: Devolver Digital)

If you thought Fall Guys was not random enough get ready for a new chaotic visitor to help, hinder or hurt you. We present to you Big Yeetus! A fresh leak from the Fall Guys' Twitter account.

One of the Fall Guys devs. leaked the Big Yeetus on Twitter:

If Yeetus is real, it is a giant pink hammer that could boost you by launching you forward or knock you back crushing your golden crown dreams. Apparently, it will randomly appear during a game. The Fall Guys' twitter account is full of memes and playful jests, so it’s really hard to know if they are talking smack or speaking the truth. So that happened - Big Yeetus is now a “House Hold Name” as it started to trend on twitter, now the Devs. need to give the fans Yeetus or they will riot.

The hype and community around this game are amazing. The indie game is still growing and Fall Guys Season 2 will be epic. The fun never stops on the Fall Guys' Twitter account and they even created a poll to ask if the fans thought Big Yeetus is real!

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