G2, Ninja and more team up

Fall Guys Battle of the Brands Raises $1 Million for Charity

Fall Guys Battle of the Brand Raises $1 million for Charity

The Battle of the Brand in Fall Guys has ended. (Image credit: Devolver Digital)

Fall Guys Battle of the Brand has come to an end, raising $1 million for Charity. G2 Esports, Ninja, Aimlab, and Mr. Beast teamed up in the battle for an exclusive skin in this year’s hottest multiplayer game.

Fall Guys Battle of the Brands: A few weeks ago, developer Mediatonic started this unique competition for their multiplayer hit Fall Guys. Well-known brands, Esports teams, and Streamers were asked to start a Bidding-war for exclusive in-game skin. A whopping $1 million were raised for charity.

Fall Guys Battle of the Brands

Over weeks, several brands, Esports teams, and Streamers fought for their own skin in this year’s multiplayer hit Fall Guys. Yesterday, the competition came to an end with G2 Esports, Ninja, Aimlab and Mr. Beast teaming up for a $1 million bid.

A nice sum that goes to UK-based foundation Special Effect that helps gamers with physical disabilities.

Players can now expect not only one but four unique character skins that may find their way into the game with the upcoming Fall Guys Season 2, releasing with new maps and skins in October. Let’s just hope the developers come up with the next bidding war for this month.

Fall Guys Monkey Skin is here

What we do have, is a brand new Fall Guys Monkey Skin that was released yesterday. Like most items in the shop, it costs crowns to purchase. Top and bottom are sold seperately, each piece costs a single crown what makes the Monkey Skin one of the cheapest outfits out there.

Video credit: Dubbd OuT via YouTube

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