Bananas for everyone, yay!

Fall Guys: My Friend Pedro Skin

Fall Guys - My Friend Pedro skin

The newest skin is a banana suit! (Image Credit: Mediatonic)

The more popular the game the more skins! Since Fall Guys is currently on everyone's lips and is being celebrated by more and more players, we are now getting new skins. And here is the newest: My Friend Pedro!

Fall Guys has already had several collaborations with other games and Mediatonic plans on contining this trend.

As already leaked by HypexFG on Twitter in August, we know that the PC as well as the PS4 version of the game will soon have skins from Portal and My Friend Pedro - or rather they are already here. The Chell Portal Skin has been available since September 3rd and costs 10 crowns.

Fall Guys Portal and My Friend Pedro Leaks

The bright yellow banana skin, a reference to the main character from My Friend Pedro, has been available since September 6th - and yes, the back of the outfit has a smiley face on it! You can also get the banana suit for 10 crowns total so 5 for the top and 5 for the bottom. This skin is on the more expensive side and needs a lot of farm time – especially with all the god damn cheaters around!

Fall Guys and My Friend Pedro skin

How do you Actually Earn Crowns and Fame?

Kudos, aka fame, is a little easier to obtain since you get it by just playing the game. Correctly heard, just by taking place in games you already get fame points. By leveling up the Battle Pass you also get fame as a reward or by buying packages via real money.

are the rarer currency that you can get through victories. There is one crown per victory. If you have a Season Battle Pass, you can level up and get crowns here as well - 3 crowns in total. With fame and crowns you can buy cosmetics in the games' store. There you can find all skins with which you can customize your bean-shaped hero. The skins in the store are sometimes more expensive, but can also be cheaper, like the monkey outfit which costs 2 crowns.

Fall Guys is ready for Xbox!

If you want to stay up-to-date, check out EarlyGame. Have you seen the latest skins in Fall Guys? And for those of you who prefer to watch videos, you can visit our Youtube channel.

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