The regional league will cover Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

FACEIT and BIG Create GoBIG League

Go BIG League

FACEIT and BIG band together for a CS:GO project in the DACH region.

BIG Clan and FACEIT have entered a partnership to create a unique CS:GO league for the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). They've called it the GoBIG League, taken from the BIG slogan "Go BIG or Go Home", and it's got some serious structure behind it.

BIG have, for the most part, been in mousesports' shadow on the German esports scene, but have grinded their way into top tier territory in CS:GO over the past 2-3 years. It is no surprise then that major players FACEIT have chosen them as the face, pun intended, of the new FACEIT DACH league.

BIG and FACEIT Launch GoBIG League

The GoBIG League will feature four in-house leagues built on FACEIT Hubs where players of four different skill levels will play in monthly competitions. The region-exclusive program gives the community a new and unique competitive experience and the chance to join a level-based hub environment and play with like-minded players in a closed and fully moderated environment. The highest tier of the competition will be directly connected to the EU FPL circuit.

Check out the GoBig League promotional video. Spoiler: it's in German. (Video credit: BIG Clan via YouTube)

Each month, the top eight players in the high-tier league will get the chance to play in a qualifier for the FPL Challenger. That's a familiar path for so many CS:GO professionals, including BIG Clan's own Nils “k1to” Gruhn. In addition, popular DACH streamers, influencers and professional players (BIG players?) are expected to promote and take part in the GoBIG League.

Reinvesting into the DACH region is something BIG Clan strive for and that's one way to do it. We wish more organizations take this approach and help CS:GO grow in each part of the world.

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