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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Schalke 04 Miracle Run Coach Dylan Falco Ahead of MAD Lions LEC Playoffs Match!

League of Legends

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Schalke, Schalke, Schalke! Making miracles happen with Null fear! This #MiracleRun deserves its hashtag and we sat down with FC Schalke 04 coach Dylan Falco to talk shop. He had a lot to say about the team, God Gilius and just generally gave us a behind the scenes look into just how this miracle was even possible. This comes just ahead of Schalke 04’s match vs Mad Lions - a team they already beat as part of their run.

Surprisingly - or not surprisingly if you ask coach Falco and factor in their run - Schalke now find themselves as the favorites. They are THE hottest team in the LEC and if they beat MAD Lions, they will qualify for Worlds! From a 1-10 start to qualifying for the League of Legends World Championship! What a turnaround! Also, if they win, Schalke will continue on in the lower bracket to face Rogue.

Exciting game - today at 18:00 CEST. Don’t miss it!

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