S04 still chasing their first win

Excel Esports start LEC week with clean win vs FC Schalke 04

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The Royal Blues are not having a good start of the LEC season... again.

A battle at the bottom of LEC

Two struggling teams faced off at the start of week three of the LEC Summer Split. FC Schalke 04 had yet to pick up a win after five games and stood alone in tenth place. Excel Esports were only marginally better, alone in ninth place with a 1:4 record.

While the teams were close in the table, on the Rift the difference was pronounced from the start. Excel targeted one of Schalke’s strong sides – the top lane – and in the first ten minutes, Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu’s Gangplank died twice. Their next focus was the bottom lane, where a five-man tower dive resulted in two more kills and the first tower falling down. Fifteen minutes into the game, Excel were already 5K gold ahead, and their lead would only grow. Schalke had decent waveclear but were being hammered around the map, having the first kill to their name well after the twenty minute mark.

The hammer drops

Excel would eventually go for the baron to boost their sieging power and to draw S04 into a fight, and the Royal Blues obliged – only to get nearly aced, giving their opponents four kills alongside the purple buff. The game was virtually done and all Excel had to do was play it out. They brute-forced their way into a fight, ending the game in just under 30 minutes.

It was a very good performance from the UK squad as they dismantled their struggling opponents. Schalke, however, may need to think hard about what they can change. The team was able to make somewhat of a comeback in spring, but can they do it again?


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