After a 2-0 week 5, SK gets rude awakening

Excel Esports Start Week with a Win vs SK Gaming

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The match against Excel Esports should have been one of the easier wins for SK Gaming to pick on their way to a playoff spot, but multiple key mistakes cost them the victory against the UK team.

Despite a disappointing spring split, SK Gaming go into week 6 of the LEC summer split at a shared third place with a 6-5 record, while Excel were near the back half of the standings with a 4-7. The game itself started fairly evenly until the British team made the first move, bringing mid laner Joran "Special" Scheffer for the first kill, only to lose two on the way out as SK collapsed. Despite a gold deficit, the British team kept up the pressure. Eventually, it equalized the kills while keeping control of the early drakes.

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SK had to secure the infernal drake 21 minutes in or they would be giving up an infernal soul, so they came in force. However, in the chaotic fight Excel’s Marc Robert "Caedrel" Lamont landed the finishing blow - yet SK still won the fight and nearly aced their opponents, which gave them a free Baron and a considerable gold lead. It looked like the German team would power on. However, the game swung in Excel’s favor once more near the Elder drake. Special’s Leblanc took down both the SK top laner and jungler in the extended fight and allowed his team to secure the Elder drake. They followed it up with a Baron of their own and with it they smashed through the SK defenses, ending the game before it expired.

This win does not just help Excel keep their playoff dreams alive but makes the middle of the pack in the LEC even more competitive. MAD Lions and Rogue are firmly in the lead, but behind them it’s anyone’s game.

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