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Evil Geniuses rebrand their logo

Eg new logo

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The North American esports organization Evil Geniuses have rebranded their old crest and updated their jerseys. The previous time this happened was in 2019.

Evil Geniuses (EG) are one of the most recognizable organizations in the esports scene. With their most famous team being in Dota 2 the organization also has squads in League of Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite, and various FGC titles. The last time EG updated their logo was back in 2019 and fans weren’t too happy with it.

Along with the announcement on Twitter the team made an official statement on their website:

We loved the iconic old logo and know many people reading this feel the same way. Since December, we have been tinkering away in the lab to reveal something that we believe people will love and today, we are launching the new crest.

Defined by our legacy of excellence. Shaped by our ever-evolving culture. Celebrating our new and long-standing fans, players, and partners. This new crest is symbolic of player and community individualism and breaking the margins. It honors our history while looking to the future and creating a path for competitive success.

Now, a logo is more than a touch point and changing a logo is more than a brand facelift. Increased engagement across a vast spectrum of platforms means a team cannot hide behind the ethos of a logo design or the values of a mission statement. Today, our entire organization must live it.

Naturally, after changing the logo the team’s jerseys were also updated.

Eg jerseys

Image credit: Evil Geniuses

This is how the future tees of EG players will look like. When exactly we’ll get to see players actually wearing them is unknown though as LAN events are still a no-go due to the corona crisis. They were overall well received much like the logo. Some fans have drawn a comparison between EG’s new design and the already existing one of EA’s digital store Origin.

While they may seem quite similar, there’s no doubt that EG were trying to build upon their old one. The old logo was loved by many as it was simple yet stylish and this time the new design received plenty of positive feedback.

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