Chet Singh is on the open market for coaches

Evil Geniuses part ways with coach

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Chet Singh shouldn't take long to find a new team. (Image credit: Evil Geniuses)

Evil Geniuses came up with a pro gamer move and relieved coach Chet Singh of his duties. The story goes that there have been internal struggles between Singh and some of the players on the team – a relationship that ultimately lead to the coach’s dismissal.

Coach vs. players – a battle with a foregone conclusion

It is hard to maintain chemistry when a lot of people with game knowledge and intense personalities get together on the same project. That’s true not only for esports, but any working environment in general.

It is these internal struggles for power that have put an end to a two-year collaboration between Chet and the former NRG roster. While Evil Geniuses’ official statement was short and trivial, the coach went in a little more detail about why exactly his tenure with the organization have come to an end.

Chet Singh revealed what had been rumored before. His relations with newcomers Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz and Tarik “tarik” Celik have been far from perfect and the ever-growing tension culminated in the only logical conclusion – getting rid of the coach.

There’s this popular saying that when a coach and a player clash it’s always the player that comes on top – after all it’s easier to change one man than potentially disrupt an entire team’s chemistry. Unfortunately for Singh EG did not go against the established rules and now the coach will have to look for a new job.

Chet Singh coached NRG/EG to four titles and many more top 4 finishes, establishing those squads among the CS:GO elite. Tarik and stanislaw’s arrival in March and June 2019, respectively, was met with some skepticism among the community given how the whole thing went and the players’ past history of team disruption.

There’s always two sides to the story and you never know how a move like that will affect a team, but as of now the skeptics appear to be right on the money. We'll keep an eye on how this affects the team, so stay tuned to EarlyGame for more CS:GO news.

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