EG's plans for world domination have changed

Evil Geniuses leave Rainbow Six Siege

Evil Geniuses R6

The Evil Geniuses R6-Roster. (Image credit: ESL)

After more than two years in the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene, Evil Geniuses are pulling out from R6. The R6 roster is therefore released with immediate effect.

Yesterday, April 15, Evil Geniuses announced that they're leaving the R6 Siege esports scene. Only moments earlier, it was announced that EG will not participate in the R6 Pro League, so the decision of the organization didn't come as a shock to some of the fans who were already guessing.

On Twitter, EG thanked the team and the fans and promised to support the players on their future paths. The decision was not easy, but their plans for world domination are currently taking EG in a different direction.

Evil Geniuses joined R6 in 2017 after taking over the roster of Continuum. They were one of the first major esports organizations in Rainbow Six Siege. The team went through several ups and downs but has struggled lately. They were eliminated early in several major tournaments and recently missed out on qualifying for the 2020 Six Invitational by losing 0-2 to Spacestation Gaming.

According to a well-known Rainbow Six leaker named R6Leaks, the team's performance doesn't seem to have been the only reason:

According to the tweet, Ubisoft (the developer of Rainbow Six) would have asked EG to move its home base from Seattle to Las Vegas for the next season, which EG did not agree to. Since no agreement on the matter was reached, EG decided to drop out. There is a bigger problem in the R6 Esports scene right now, because Luminosity Gaming also withdrew from R6. Both the EG and LG rosters want to stay together, which gives other organizations the chance to take over a complete R6 roster directly. We might even see some other big names from the competitive scene make an entry into R6.

For now, the two teams will be replaced by Disrupt Gaming and Soniqs in the North American Pro League Season 12. You can find more about how Rainbow Six Siege became an esports title and everything about the new Battle Pass on EarlyGame.

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