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Everything we learned from the Apex Legends Season 5 gameplay trailer

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Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment released a gameplay trailer for the next season of Apex Legends on Friday. Today, we take a look at everything it revealed.

Today is the last day of Season 4, as Apex Legends Season 5 is set to kick off tomorrow, May 12.

A new legend

Just like everyone expected, Loba is the latest addition to the roster of playable characters. The nimble thief will be a fine addition to the game. Chances are we’ll see her pick rate skyrocket as she offers mobility and plenty of loot options.

Loba ability apex

Loba's mobility skill allows her to throw her bracelet and teleport to its location. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Map changes – Skulltown is gone

According to the official description on the website:

Parts of Kings Canyon have sunk, while dangerous new areas rise in their stead. Steal a march on the competition and see what’s changed.

Kings Canyon gets yet another rework, with parts of the map being drastically changed. Skulltown is one of these locations and as we see in the trailer, there’ll be much more underneath the surface. Many excavations and construction sites will be available for exploration.

Apex skulltown

All that remains of Skulltown. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

A new Battle Pass

Just like every season so far, the fifth iteration will offer plenty of new rewards, achievements, and more with a new Battle Pass. Treasure packs are one of the new additions and they’ll play a crucial role in the weekly Hunts.

The Hunts are special types of quests that you can complete for special rewards. What kind of rewards exactly those will be, is still unknown. As usual, players who buy the Battle Pass will get extra rewards when compared to the free version.

Mirage battle pass apex

Mirage rocking a beard with one of his new skins. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

PvE content

This one has been rumored for quite a while and it’s finally coming to life. Instead of fighting other players in this mode, the game will shift into completing an objective with your squad. The Hunts mentioned above are basically types of quests that you can start and then find a group to complete with.

Judging by the trailer, the first one we see is “Broken Ghost” which appears to take place at Kings Canyon but during the night. This raises the question: will it be the old map Kings Canyon After Dark or the new one with a night cycle?

Hunts apex

The first Hunt type of quest has players surviving against Prowlers. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

New item – Ultimate Ultimate Accelerant

We all know the Ultimate Accelerant and how in most cases it takes too long to use it, leaving you exposed. While it was buffed from 20% to 35%, it was still rarely worth channeling for 7 seconds.

Respawn is now introducing a better version of the item which might just be the thing everyone needed. We see Gibraltar using it in the trailer to charge his ultimate to 100% but it’s unclear whether you need to channel, whether it’s one-time use and whether it affects only you.

Gibby ultimate

Gibby using the new Ultimate Acceleratn to wreak havoc. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Those were the most important things to cover in the upcoming season. Buckle up because tomorrow is the day we’ll probably see it along with plenty of new bugs and stay tuned for more Apex Legends news.

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