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EU Masters Week 2 Review

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The EU Masters is back! The second week of the main event provided a lot of surprises before we got to see who the best 8 teams of the tournament are. The group stage claimed several major teams, but many of the big names stepped up as well.

After a delay for the LEC playoffs, the EU Masters main event continued last week with the second week of the group stage. As in most other international events, each day featured all the games from one group, with two tiebreaker games taking place on Sunday. In the end, the top two teams of each group advance to the quarterfinals which will begin on Tuesday.

Group A: The Return of the King

After scoring only one win in the first part of the groups, the spring champions of LDLC OL came back with a vengeance in group A, winning all three games and securing the first spot in the group with a 4-2 record. The other spring finalist in this group, K1CK Neosurf, has the same record, but a loss to LDLC in the last game of the day led to them taking second place due to the worse head-to-head. Despite its good week 1 performance, FC Schalke 04 Evolution lost all three games and end in a shared third place with Italy’s Samsung Morning Stars with a 2-4 score.

Group B: Movistar Loses a Three-Way Tie

Despite a 3-0 start of the tournament, Spanish champions Movistar Riders struggled in the second week and picked up only one win. This gave GamerLegion and AGO Rogue the chance to catch up, and after GL won all three games on the day the three teams ended up in a three-way tie for first place with a 4-2 score.

The Balkan representatives SuppUp Esports ended the group stage with no wins at 0-6. The tie was decided in two games on Sunday. GamerLegion eliminated Movistar Riders to secure themselves a playoff spot, but were then defeated by AGO ROGUE in the first-place match.

Group C: Vodafone Take Over

After ending week 1 in second place, Spain’s Vodafone Giants had a standout performance last week, taking all three games to end in sole control of the first place. The initial leader Misfits Premier struggled in all three games and while they managed to put down Greece’s We Love Gaming after an epic endgame showdown, they lost both to Vodafone Giants as well as Poland’s third seed, 7more7 Pompa Team.

With two wins on the day, the Poles managed to get snatch the third place from WLG, but unfortunately will be the sole Ultraliga representative not to make playoffs.

Group D: Mousesports Pull Ahead

After a three-way tie at 2-1 after week one, Group D was another one which we expected to see come down to the wire. The DACH representatives mousesports were the best team of the day and took down all three opponents to take the sole first place. Behind them came GamersOrigin, who defeated Fnatic Rising to secure the second seed. The NLC champions were left out of playoffs in third place, with the play-in team Intrepid Fox bringing up the rear with a 0-6 record.

EUM Playoffs1309

With that, the playoffs were set to begin. (Image credit: Riot Games)


The EU Masters continues on Tuesday with the first two quarterfinals, Vodafone Giants vs GamerLegion and LDLC OL vs GamerLegion.

For more League of Legends news and commentary, make sure to follow our coverage! If you're in for the visuals, check out some LEC Summer highlights below or visit our video section.

With that, we leave you with some of the best of the LEC duking it out!

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