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Who will be the best team of the European Reginal leagues? Image credit: Riot Games

The EU Masters is back and once again, it gathers the best teams from the European regional leagues for a one-month online showdown. The best semi-professional League of Legends teams in Europe will battle it out for the title and a chance to showcase the next generation of great European players.

After the LEC (or EU LCS, as it was previously known) became a franchised league with no promotion and relegation, the European Masters tournament has become the main stage where the next echelon of European players can show their talent.

The tournament gathers the best teams from all of Europe’s regional leagues, bringing them together after each LEC split. The EU Masters has provided us with our first glimpse of many future LEC Stars such as Selfmade, Nemesis, Kaiser, Shad0w or Milica. And with its current tournament now entering its playoff stage, we will be seeing some of Europe’s future greats again.

The tournament began on August 17 with the play-in stage, bringing together the champions of several minor leagues and the lower seeds of the bigger ones. The top 4 teams from the play-ins go into the main event stage groups, where they will battle it out with the top seeds from Europe’s bigger leagues.

The top two teams from every group go to the playoffs to fight for the lion’s share of the €150,000 prize pool and the recognition that comes from it. This summer, the tournament will be played on the 10.16 patch with Yone disabled. Can the spring winners LDLC OL defend their title or will we see a new EU Masters Champions?

EU Masters 2020 Streams



After dispatching the Prime League’s #1 seed mousesports, AGO Rogue faced off against the Team GamerLegion squad that had dethroned LDLC OL in the semifinals. However, the Polish squad did not allow GL to get away with their wacky compositions and dominated the first two games with punishing early game aggression, winning them in record time. Despite yet another poor start, GamerLegion put up more of a fight in the third game, but it was not enough and Rogue eventually took over the game to finalize the 3-0 sweep.

Team GamerLegion 0-3 AGO ROGUE

With this, AGO Rogue is the European Masters 2020 Summer Champions and the first Ultraliga team to hold the title. Congratulations!


The semifinals kicked off with a showdown between two teams that made it all the way from the play-ins, Germany’s Team GamerLegion and the LFL representatives LDLC OL. The French team took the first game, but GL rallied with some impressive early aggression and took the following two, ending LDLC’s quest to become the first team with back to back titles. In the second series, the Ultraliga runner-up AGO ROGUE took on the DACH region mousesports and despite some early game hiccups put them away for a 2:0 victory.

  • Team GamerLegion 2-1 LDLC OL
  • AGO ROGUE 2-0 Mousesports
Semis 2009

Team GamerLegion and AGO ROGUE are this season's finalists. Image credit: Riot Games


The first round of playoffs saw the teams switch to a best of three format, with two series each day. Both matches on Tuesday went to game 3, but in the end Team GamerLegion defeated Vodafone Giants and LDLC OL won the French derby against GamersOrigin. AGO ROGUE quickly swept Misfits Premier in the first Wednesday series. After that, mousesports eked out a hard-fought win against K1CK Neosurf. This is a marked return to form for the DACH region, which will have two representatives in the semifinals - with the other two seeds going to the French and Polish leagues.

  • Vodafone Giants 1-2 Team GamerLegion
  • LDLC OL 2-1 GamersOrigin
  • AGO ROGUE 2-0 Misfits Premier
  • Mousesports 2-1 K1CK Neosurf
EU Masters Playoffs Bracket

The four best teams proceed to the semifinals. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Main Event Groups Results

You can check our coverage of Week 1 and Week 2 for more details on how each week shaped up. Here are the final results:

Group A

  1. LDLC OL 4-2
  2. K1CK Neosurf 4-2
  3. FC Schalke 04 Evolution 2-4
  4. Samsung Morning Stars 2-4

LDLC won the first place without tiebreakers due to 2-0 head to head record against K1CK

Group B

  1. AGO ROGUE 4-2
  2. Team GamerLegion 4-2
  3. Movistar Riders 4-2
  4. SuppUp Esports 0-6


  • GL 1-0 MRS
  • RGO 1-0 GL

Group C

  1. Vodafone Giants 5-1
  2. Misfits Premier 4-2
  3. 7More7 Pompa Team 2-4
  4. WLG Esports 1-5

Group D

  1. Mousesports 5-1
  2. GamersOrigen 4-2
  3. Fnatic Rising 3-3
  4. Intrepid Fox Gaming 0-6
EU Masters 2020 Group Standings

After the groups, only 8 teams remain in contention for the EU Masters title. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Play-in Results

Group A:

  1. LDLC OL 6-0
  2. G2 Arctic 3-3
  3. CR4ZY 3-3
  4. LowLandLions 0-6

Tiebreaker: G2AR 1-0 CR4

Group B:

  1. Team GamerLegion 5-1
  2. Riddle Esports 5-1
  3. eSuba 2-4
  4. EGN Esports 0-6

Tiebreaker: RDL 0-1 GL

Group C:

  1. Racoon 5-1
  2. Sector One 4-2
  3. SAMCLAN Esports Club 2-4
  4. Iron Wolves 1-5

Group D:

  1. Intrepid Fox Gaming 4-2
  2. 7More7 Pompa Team 4-2
  3. SINNERS Esports 2-4
  4. Five Kings 2-4

Tiebreaker: PT7 0-1 IF

Knockout stage:

  • LDLC OL 2-0 Riddle Esports
  • Team GamerLegion 2-1 G2 Arctic
  • Racoon 0-2 7More7 Pompa Team
  • Intrepid Fox Gaming 2-1 Sector One

EU Masters 2020 Play-Ins Standings

The 8 best play-in teams go into a knock-out stage for the four main event places. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Congratulations to AGO ROGUE, the European Masters 2020 Summer champions!


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