A legend bids farewell, for now

Esports player transfers: Week 21, 2020

Na Vi Spielertransfers

NaVi makes changes to the Dota 2 roster. (Image credit: Natus Vincere via Twitter)

As every Tuesday evening, you can expect the latest player transfers from the world of esports. This week things are hot in CS:GO.

A CS:GO veteran retires for the time being and there are even more roster changes in the popular shooter. Further down the Dota 2 scene is getting a little more lively.


FaZe Clan

The legendary Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer announced his intention to retire for the time being.

On Twitter, he posted a statement in which he explains that he has been struggling with motivation problems for quite some time. The player and FaZe came to the conclusion that it would be best if he took some time off to recover and think about his future. We know what you might be thinking: "That's the next one to go to Valorant!". Fear not, Olofmeister assured his fans that he still loves CS:GO and its scene.

It has been speculated for a long time if olofmeister might even be kicked by FaZe, because his performance has been declining significantly lately. He probably got ahead of it now by resigning himself. He will be replaced by 16-year-old Aurimas "Bymas" Pipiras, who will play as a stand-in for the time being.

The fact that FaZe is looking for such a young, unknown player as a stand-in instead of a well-known veteran suggests that they may be planning to sign in Bymas if he does well.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Hamous "hampus" Poser will be the new in-game leader and Jonas "Lekr0" Olofsson will sit on the bench.

Lekr0, who has been with NiP since 2018, was known as the Fragging IGL, but could not bring any trophies to the team, so NiP decided they needed a more conventional IGL. The question is whether hampus can fill the role better, as he is known for not being loyal to any team for more than a few months. We are definitely excited and wish him all the best.

Made in Brazil

Mibr put Ignacio "meyern" Meyer on the bench and get Alencar "trk" Rossato.

Mibr's roster has always been quite unstable outside the solid core of FalleN, fer and TACO. kNgV has now established himself as the fourth man, let's see if trk can do the same. With this change mibr now has a pure brazilian roster again. At the moment mibr plays in the DreamHack Master Spring NA and has finished the group phase on the third place.

RED Canids

The Brazilian organization separates from Lincoln "fnx" Lau and Renato "nak" Nakano.

Two-time Major winner fnx leaves the team after nine months in which they recently finished CLUTCH Season 2 in second place. However, their result in the ESL One: Road to Rio - South America was more than disappointing - they lost every single match. With the departure of two relatively old players (30 and 32 years old) RED Canids will probably try to fill the team with younger talents. So far nothing is known about the future plans of fnx and nak.


Áron "Aaron" Homoki is put on the bench and replaced by coach Viktor "flashie" Tamás Bea.

The Hungarian organisation has only been active in CS:GO since 2019. Aaron has been in the game from the beginning, but recently he has had a significant drop in performance. After he failed to learn from his mistakes, the decision to replace him came as no surprise.


The Australian organization completes its roster with Charlie "zeph" Dodd, Jay "soju_j" Jeong and Declan "Vexite" Portelli.

Since Vexite is only 15 years old and some tournaments have age restrictions, the Chiefs will probably be forced to play with stand-ins. We are curious how the new team will perform.


Asger "Farlig" Jensen replaces Mikail "Maikelele" Bill, who is now sitting on the bench.

The 21-year-old AWPer Farlig last played for the Copenhagen Flames, where he had a very good run in ESL One: Road to Rio. Maikelele announced that he was not very happy about the decision, as his performance had deteriorated but he did not expect to be replaced so quickly.

I learned about this 00.00 CEST thursday and apparently it took 3 hours for everything to happen until they told me I was benched and that they have found a replacement. 3 hours to take away a team that I created and worked extremly hard for since November 2018


Timur "buster" Tulepov takes a break and is replaced by Marek "YEKINDAR" Galinskis.

In addition to the change of players, it was also announced that Maxim "MaAd" Goncharov will start as the new psychologist and Aleksey "Flatra" Zlobich as the second coach. Since buster will only take a short break, it remains to be seen who he will replace when he returns. Rumors suggest that both Sanjar "SANJI" Kuliev and Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev are possible candidates.

Gage "Infinite" Green

Infinite, who has been without a team since April of this year, announced on Twitter that he would end his CS:GO career and switch to Valorant.

Like many players before him, Infinite is dissatisfied with the current state of the CS:GO scene in North America, which makes it impossible for him to make a living from it. With his move to Valorant, he hopes to find an organization and change that. In any case we wish him good luck.

Dota 2

Natus Vincere

The former Team Unique Support Vitaly "so bad" Oshmankevich switches to Natus Vincere and will be on a trial there.

So bad will replace Semion "CemaTheSlayer" Krivulya, who recently left the team. Although CemaTheSlayer was able to secure a second-place with NaVi at Gamers Without Borders, he left the team shortly afterwards due to communication problems. He said they were going to try out new rosters and strategies in the near future, which is why they wanted to give So bad a chance to prove himself.

business associates

Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho resigns as coach of the business associates and is now aiming to become a caster.

The former TNC Predator player and former coach asked on a tweet from BLASTDota if they were still looking for casters. Shortly after he revealed that he's no longer the coach for business associates. We will see what the future brings for DeMoN, but in our opinion, it shouldn't be too difficult for the experienced Dota veteran to find a new job.


Gambit Esport's Captain Artsiom "fng" Barshak has been playing as a stand-in for quite some time and is now officially loaned to the Swedes for two months.

Fng will play his normal hard support role, whether he will also replace Gustav "s4" Magnusson as in-game leader is still unclear. He is still one of the most successful captains in the CIS region and is now playing outside for the first time. We are curious how he will perform with Alliance and wish him all the best.

So much for the weekly esports player transfers. If you missed the last ones, you can catch them up here. For more news and videos, make sure to check out EarlyGame.

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