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ESL Thailand Is Coming in Early August

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Dota 2 events continue to roll at full speed as more and more tournaments get revealed for August. ESL Thailand is set to kick off on August 8.

It has been over a month since we last saw an ESL Dota 2 event. The most recent one was ESL Birmingham Online where Team Secret took the champion’s title. Last week the organizers revealed some details about the next tournament in line – ESL Thailand.

ESL One Thailand 2020 powered by Intel works with Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism & Sports and the Sports Authority of Thailand to bring this event to you.

Now, the name might be a bit misleading here since the event won’t be simply limited to Asia, but also the Americas. That’s right, ESL Thailand will have a division for North and South America. Make a whole lot of sense doesn’t it? In comparison, ESL One Birmingham had all the Dota 2 regions included. Onto the actual event.

ESL One Thailand – Teams

The total number of teams for the whole event will be 20. In the Americas, it’ll be a single group of 8, while in Asia the 12 teams will be split into two groups of 6. Sadly none of the participants have been revealed yet, but expect ESL to start announcing invites pretty soon.

Eight of the teams in Asia will join with a direct invitation, two will be determined by the ESL Thailand Championship (meaning small local teams will get a chance to play on the big stage) and the remaining two will have to fight their way through an open qualifier. In the Americas, six teams will get invitations and two will come from the open qualifiers.

Video credit: Youtube - ESL Video Hub

Prize Pool

The total prize pool for ESL Thailand stands at $200,000. That’s $135,000 for the Asian division and $65,000 for the Americas.

Esl division format

The format for each of the divisions in ESL Thailand. (Image credit: ESL)


The format is the usual one for Dota 2 events in recent months. A Round-robin group stage with each series being Bo3, followed by double-elimination playoffs (also Bo3) and a Bo5 grand final.

You can find more information about the event including the schedule at the official ESL website.

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