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ESL Pay Tribute to CS Legend Cyx

ESL cyx tribute

Cyx was taken away from us way too early. (Image credit: ESL)

Yesterday marked ten years since the tragic loss of Counter-Strike legend Antonio "cyx" Daniloski. ESL showed they are not ones for short memory by releasing a tribute video in honor of the German legend exactly ten years after we lost him.

Never Forgotten: ESL Pay Tribute to Cyx

On July 28, 2010, Counter-Strike endured what is possibly the greatest tragedy in the two-decade-long history of the game. Then 20-year-old Antonio Daniloski, better known by his alias "cyx", was pronounced dead.

There's something about missed flights and fatal outcomes. The player was scheduled to travel with his team mousesports for a tournament in Shanghai, China, but could not get on the plane in time. He would embark on the road back home from the airport, but would never complete that journey. A fatal car crash would take cyx away from us.

Mousesports enjoyed arguably their best spell in competitive Counter-Strike during cyx's three years onboard, winning multiple trophies and consistently making it deep into tournaments. As both player and organization are German, it's no wonder that another German entity - ESL, have taken the time to commemorate the anniversary of cyx's death.

Former teammate Fatih "gob b" Dayik opens up about his time with cyx and the moment he and his mates found out about the accident in this 4-minute video:

Video credit: ESL

A fund has been established in order to help Antonio's mother. All donations will go directly to his mother to help pay for maintaining cyx’s grave and to allow her to visit her late son regularly.

You can make a donation here.

Such tragedies are always hard to swallow and even with time passing it's difficult to accept that a man is gone so early on in his journey, but it's at least comforting to know that those who have left a mark are not easily forgotten.

Rest in peace, Toni!

Kiril Stoilov

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