Just one CS:GO Major for an entire year sounds wrong

ESL One Rio postponed, second CS:GO Major canceled

Esl one rio major moved

Let's hope Rio is as nice in November as it is in May. (Image credit: ESL)

We could all see it coming but hoped we would get spared somehow. Now, with the official information out, we can confirm that the first CS:GO Major of 2020 – ESL One Rio, will be moved to later in the year. This comes at the expense of the scheduled second Major, which has been scrapped altogether.

Major blows to the CS:GO pro scene

ESL announced what we could easily predict – ESL One Rio has been postponed. The first Major of the year was scheduled to take place in May but with the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, it became apparent that the original plan would need to be revised.

The decision ESL and Valve have made is to move Rio to November – the dates of the unannounced second Major. The information that came with the press release is that there won’t be a second Major in 2020, which would leave CS:GO with a single big-time tournament in a calendar year for the first time since 2013.

On the bright side, ESL One Rio will absorb the prize money originally reserved for the Major to follow. This will bring the pool of money to be given away in Brazil to $2 million – the highest number for a CS:GO tournament ever.

The Major finals’ location remains the same – the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Tickets purchased for May would be valid in November without the need of any additional verification. Those who wish to return their tickets and get a refund are free to do so.

There are still some details the organizers and the game’s publishers need to work around in regards to the Minors, who and how will qualify for the New Challengers stage.

Valve expressed a desire to change the way teams qualify for CS:GO Majors but their intended strategy could face some logistical difficulties now that ESL One Rio has taken the time-space of the next Major cycle.

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