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No CS:GO Majors This Year, ESL One Rio Canceled

Esl one rio csgo

The last hope of a 2020 CS:GO major just died. (Image credit: ESL)

The coronavirus pandemic has been decimating events of all sorts throughout 2020. Sadly, the streak continues and another huge esports tournament has fallen at the disease's claws - the ESL One Rio CS:GO Major.

More bad news for esports fans and Counter-Strike fans in particular. This will be the first year since the inaugural 2012 where no CS:GO Major will be played. What was supposed to be the first of two Majors this year - ESL One Rio, has been officially canceled, organizers ESL announced. The event was first moved from May to November with the hopes that the worldwide catastrophe would be handled by that time. With no such luck, ESL have been forced into a tough decision.

No Major Scheduled

Given the circumstances, it's no surprise there isn't any clear information on what Valve plan to do with the CS:GO Major issue. The company is so far keeping it quiet, which will likely remain the case until the coronavirus pandemic is gone for good. What's known at this stage is that a Major in Rio is still very much in ESL's plans. Tickets purchased for ESL One Rio will remain valid until that promise is fulfilled but can also be refunded upon request.

Yet another unpleasant consequence of the pandemic. People's health should always come first though, so we can only wish it is all behind us soon enough and that we'll be watching Major Counter-Strike with huge crowds once again.

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