The Valorant closed beta came out and it was good, just not smooth

Errors and bugs – trouble at the Valorant closed beta?


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Yesterday, Riot Games launched the closed beta for their upcoming shooter Valorant. Fans were eager to try out the new title but some had trouble connecting and logging in due to bugs and errors.

The long-awaited closed beta for Valorant is finally live and while it wasn’t exactly riddled with bugs, the first day could’ve been better. Starting April 7, players who managed to get their hands on a beta key for Valorant were able to join the exclusive beta of the game.

Error, error

The Valorant team was quickly made aware of the problem and started working to resolve it. Apparently, the most common errors were 7 and 43:

  • Error 43 is basically a problem with the game launcher which states “There was an error connecting to the platform. Please restart your game client. Error Code: 43.
  • In the case of Error 7, you get the same message and it could be related to a suspension of your Riot account. While that may be the usual situation since so many people are getting it right now, it’s obviously being caused by Riot’s side and not your account or computer.

Riot Games deployed several hotfixes which seemingly resolved the issue for most players.

Many people have tried to solve the problem on their own by configuring different settings and getting nowhere. We strongly advise you to wait it out until the development team figures out what’s wrong on their end first. The whole situation was very much expected for any first day of a closed beta, but things will only get better from here as the dev team gathers more information.

For those looking for a key

During the problematic period, key drops for Valorant on Twitch were disabled and as the Tweet above suggests we should expect to see them again soon. The initial number of keys was rumored to be around 25,000 but that information wasn’t confirmed by Riot.

It’s not clear if there’ll be a huge batch of keys again or Riot will choose the slow and steady approach based on the first day of the beta. Hopefully, more players will be able to join in and give the new shooter a try.

Everyone's watching

When it comes to viewership numbers, Valorant surely broke some records as the game gathered 1.7 million concurrent viewers. The fact that pretty much every top streamer you can think of was playing the shooter certainly helped. Those numbers are unheard of for an unreleased game but Riot Games made sure to build up the hype beforehand, so they can now reap the rewards.


The closed beta for Valorant surpassed big events like The Fortnite World Cup and Dota 2’s International which is quite impressive. The spiked interest in Valorant also caused a record-breaking number of total viewers on Twitch as the platform made it over 4 million.

The only question now is whether the shooter will manage to keep those numbers and remain relevant in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for more Valorant updates.

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