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Epic Store delays Conan Exiles, will no longer be free

Conan exiles

Conan Exiles won't be on the Epic Games store for a while longer. (Image credit: Funcom via Steam)

Well, well, well, an Epic store controversy. Haven’t had one of those in a short while. Epic Games decided, yes – decided, to not only delay the release of Conan Exiles on its store, but to renege on the promise to release the game for free.

Conan Exiles was originally released back in 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and has been on the Steam store ever since then. The Epic Store was supposed to add the game to its shelf yesterday, July 2, and the entire campaign surrounding that event was centered around it being free. No cashito from your pockito taken upon purchase.

If you were one of those eager to get a free copy of Conan Exiles, we’re afraid the news aren’t great. First of all, the game is not available on the Epic store, and it’s already July 3. Second of all, whenever the game does become available (speculations point at July 9, but nothing is official yet), it will not be free.

Epic Games were as laconic as can be, coming up with nothing more than a few lines on Twitter, explaining how they “decided” to not release the game for free and will release it at some sort of price “at a later date”.

While some have defended Epic, citing the weekly free stuff people can get on the store as vindication for this mess, that’s not the point. The point is that when you promise people something for free on a certain date and then back off on launch day, not only delaying the release but also setting a price on a game you said would be free, it doesn’t look good.

Conan exiles sorry man

Image credit: Should You Play It? via Twitter

People are going to be mad. At the very least – disappointed. It’s an old game that you can currently get at a discount on Steam for 16 bucks, but it doesn’t matter. False advertisement and straight up lies should not be brushed aside with statements like “well they release free stuff all the time, so you should stfu”. My local store lowers prices all the time. When my favorite waffles are shown to be on sale, I’d expect all 17 packs I bought to be on sale and would be mad as hell if I found out they’re not at the cash register. I’d still buy ‘em, but, you know, wouldn’t be cool.

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