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Epic Games Offers Refunds for Fortnite NFL Skins

NFL Skins Fortnite

Image Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite that's so nice of you! Refunds are offered for the NFL Skin Set and you don't have to request a refund stamp for it!

Fortnite Patch 14.30 introduced among other things a change to the Fortnite NFL Skins and if you are not satisfied with it, you can get a refund for the Skins.

In July, Electronic Arts removed the Washington National Football League team's name from the Madden NFL 21 after the team announced that it was changing its name, due to the racial insinuation the old name held. Now, according to Fortnite Intel, Epic Games is following EA's example by removing the name from the NFL skins in Fortnite.

What Changed With the NFL Skins?

The eight NFL Skins, Rush, Juke, Interceptor, Blitz, Strong Guard, Spike, Gridiron, and End Zone were introduced in 2018 in the fourth down set at Fortnite, long before the owners in Washington decided to make the change. Now with the update, the colors are still in place, but the name and logo have disappeared.

A notice in the game announces the change, stating that players who are dissatisfied with the change have until November 12 to request a refund, although the use of a refund token is not required.

As explained on Epic's support website, all Fortnite players have three "refund tokens". These allow them to request a refund for any refundable items purchased in the game within 30 days and without questions. Once the three tokens are used up, it is not possible to get new ones - so you should be very sure about the purchase and refunds.

How to Request a Refund?

To request a refund, you must go to "Settings" from the main menu. Click on the three vertical lines in the lobby and then go to the gear wheel. Now select the "Account and contents" tab. Under the "Unintentional purchases" item, you can see the number of refunds that are still available.

The "Submit Request" option should show the NFL skins as refundable. If the button is grayed out, you may need to either play a game or enter and exit Creative Mode for it to work.

Fortnite rückerstattung

Image Credit: Epic Games

The NFL Skins were a fun addition to Fortnite for many players, but players quickly realized that they didn't use these skins as often as they thought or as often as they had in the past. If you return one of these skins, you will receive 1,500 V-Bucks.

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Original article written by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.

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