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Envy, Chaos with roster changes in wake of Flashpoint

Envy chaos flashpoint

Team Envy are gonna have to do without moose at the start of Flashpoint league. (Image credit: Envy via Twitter)

Team Envy and Chaos Esports will undergo roster changes right before the start of Flashpoint Season 1. While Chaos elected to make a move at this critical moment, Envy were forced into it by unfortunate circumstances.

Envy hit by visa issues, Chaos add Sick

Team Envy’s Kaleb “moose” Jayne is the latest victim of the US visa-acquiring process. In a squad that includes a Pole and a Turk, it was the Canadian that couldn’t secure his papers in time for Flashpoint’s kick-off. The wonders of US visas.

With moose out and Envy’s first game scheduled for tomorrow, coach Nikola “LEGIJA” Ninić will step into the lineup. The German tactician’s last appearance on the server was back in August 2019. Then, he played four games for BIG in the ESL One New York qualifier and bottom fragged in three of them. Envy seem to have their work cut out for them, sadly.

Chaos, on the other hand, went for a roster change at their own will. Ben “ben1337” Smith has been moved to the bench with immediate effect. Taking his place is former Misfits, Rogue and Complexity player Hunter “SicK” Mims.

SicK has been on a “stand-in” circuit since his release from CoL in August 2019. He showed up for Gen.G, Singularity and eUnited during that time, neither time being able to secure a permanent spot on a roster. Chaos are doing the same thing now and at least for now SicK will not be a full-time member of the team, instead acting as a stand-in.

We’ll be able to see the effect of these roster changes in an instant. Both teams are situated in Group B of Flashpoint league, which means we’re going to see them in action tomorrow, March 14. Team Envy are matching up against Gen.G while SicK’s Chaos debut will come versus Made in Brazil.

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