YouTubers Snuck into Royal Wedding, Hold Video Hostage… | EarlyGame
They've been holding onto the footage for 3 years...

YouTubers Snuck into Royal Wedding, Hold Video Hostage for Subscribers

The Zac and Jay Show at the Royal Wedding
The Zac and Jay Show are ready to release the Royal Wedding footage... (Credit: The Zac and Jay Show via YouTube)

The Zac and Jay Show snuck into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding in 2018. Now they're finally cleared to release the footage, but there is a price: subscribers.

YouTube channel The Zac and Jay Show are known for their risky pranks. This particular trick was more dangerous than them all... Seriously, they could have got into a ton of legal problems, but nevertheless, they are ready to show it to the world: they snuck into a Royal Wedding!

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Did Zac and Jay Sneak into the Royal Wedding?

Not the both of them, but if we are to believe their latest video, Zac attended the Royal Wedding. He was there when future rebels Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said "I do", and what's most interesting to us – there's proof of it.

The video of Zac Alsop attending the Royal Wedding has been buried for three years, but now, "after talking to lawyers", The Zac and Jay Show is ready to give the people what they want. However, the content is not going to be released until a price has been paid. They are holding the video to ransom!

It's not a fee that the YouTubers are interested in. They want subscribers. Before they release the Royal Wedding Footage, The Zac and Jay SHow want to reach 1 million subscribers on YouTube, by June 21. A large number, sure, but they have a decent head-start... they currently sit on 860,000 subscribers.

Most fans seem upbeat, even with this demand for subscribers, so Zac and Jay may have done their marketing right. Now it's up to those 140,000 additional profiles to click on the subscribe button. If this happens, we'll be seeing a very different angle of the Royal Wedding.

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