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xQc Wins Court Drama on OfflineTV Rust Server

xQc rust server drama
What is going on in the world of OfflineTV's Rust server? (Credit: YouTube/facepunch)

A mock court was set up on the OfflineTV Rust server and xQc won! Strap in for an unusual story. If you have not been following xQc and the OfflineTV Rust Server, be prepared for some WTF moments.

What is Rust?

Rust can easily be explained as a realistic Minecraft, where you collect materials, build a home and, perhaps more precisely, kill other players to steal everything they already built and collected. Needless to say, Rust is a hardcore, cut-throat, and brutal survival game. Rust was mostly unstreamable because stream sniping would spell the end of any would-be streamer’s items and home. Until OfflineTV had the genius idea to make a semi-private streamer server where only a list of trusted players and streamers could build and play on, fans included.

In comes xQc, the Duke of Drama: This man is no stranger to drama in fact he has built his streaming career on it! So a private Rust server where he could build a team of loyal followers to do his bidding is perfectly on-brand. His fans regularly farm resources in Rust for xQc, so he doesn't have to. Talk about streamer benefits!

The Court Room Drama

xQc Court Room Drama on OfflineTV's Rust Server (Credit: facepunch)

xQc was role-playing a lawyer in this mock court and used the oldest trick in the lawyer’s handbook to win. He pled insanity on behalf of his client Blaustoise who was accused of cold-blooded murder. In a rather dramatic performance, xQc proclaimed,

therefore, I plead insanity. My client is losing it. Insanity plead!

The judge of the court, “God” sided with xQc, and the court found Blaustoise not responsible for his actions. A funny end to a strange roleplaying session. OfflineTV’s Rust server has many roleplayers on it, and xQc and his fans seem to be enjoying yet another layer of drama.

Welcome to the wild world of Rust RP - it should also be mentioned that Rust mainly focuses on PVP gameplay since killing other players yields such a high reward. This leads to lots of drama and therefore great streamer content where bigger teams of players form alliances and can follow and help their favorite streamer succeed in the craziness that is Rust. It is then no surprise that xQc has gravitated towards this game, often expressing his affection for the game and its dev team.

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