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The stream to break all records has a confirmed release time

When Does the xQc Subathon Begin?

xQc wants to surpass Ludwig's subathon
xQc is going for Ludwig's active subs record with a subathon of his own. (Credit: nonsense clips via YouTube)

Felix "xQc" Lengyel has already announced his intentions of doing a subathon stream and breaking Ludwig Ahgren's record for most active Twitch subs. When does xQc's subathon start? He gave a rather specific time frame.

Have you heard? Canadian streamer xQc is planning on an even more massive subathon project than the one Ludwig did a couple months back. We know more about what and when after xQc himself revealed his plans of the project.

What We Know About the xQc Subathon

Felix wants to go all out on this. For starters, his version is going to be double the length of Ludwig's subathon. That's two full months of non-stop streaming. To help himself during these 60 days, xQc wants to run the stream on multiple PCs across his house, which would allow him more movement and potentially more varied content.

When Does the xQc Subathon Start?

The xQc subathon will begin in Q4 of 2021. The most likely start point is early December, so that the streamer could benefit from holiday Twitch ad rates. According to Ludwig, who was there while xQc was revealing the master plan, that could net the latter around $2 million in just one month from ads alone.

Money is not the only reason for Lengyel doing a two-month-long stream. What he's after is Ludwig's active Twitch subs record of 283,066, which xQc says will fall "easily". With double the stream time, we're also confident that by early 2022 we will have a new record.

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