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In front of his girlfriend

xQc Thinks Pokimane Is Hot

xQc Thinks Pokimane is Hot
So... what's going on with Pokimane and xQc? (Credit: Pokimane/xQc Instagram)

We all have our opinion on the most attractive Twitch streamer. Felix "xQc" Lengyel has made his choice: Pokimane is the hottest Twitch streamer.

Don't you just love playing party games with your friends? Former Overwatch professional and current Twitch streamer xQc sure does. During a round of "newly wed" – a game where your partner tries to guess your answer to a question – the Canadian was asked who the most attractive Twitch streamer is... and he responded.

Who Is the Most Attractive Twitch Streamer?

Imane "Pokimane" Anys is the most attractive streamer on Twitch. That's the one and only answer according to xQc. Mind you, this did come in the presence of his girlfriend Adept, so there may have been elements of pressure within the moment.

Adept was so sure of the answer her boyfriend would give that she suggested saying it for him. Plot twist: she did not have Pokimane in mind. Adept expected Alinity to be her hubby's choice. However, he went a different direction.

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Pokimane already reacted to her name being dropped by xQc as the hottest streamer. As always, she kept her cool and delivered a tailored response: she's flattered, there are so many attractive people on the platform, oh, and she has a crush on Adept, apparently.

Who would you say is the most attractive Twitch streamer? Pokimane? Alinity? Someone completely different? Males are also allowed as an answer, in case that wasn't clear.

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