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xQc is ready to rumble for the Top Sub Twitch Title

xQc is Coming for Ludwig's Top Sub Title on Twitch

Ludwig most subs
Ludwig vs XQC: The Most Subs on Twitch (Credit: Twitch)

Ludwig broke the record for most subs on Twitch, overtaking rival steamer xQc. How will xQc handle all of it? The French-Canadian streamer has it all planned out, and he lays it out for us in a recent stream.

Ludwig has hit a staggering 200k+ active subs on Twitch from his nearly one month-long, never-ending, Subathon. The streamer reached new heights with his monster Subathon and even slept and ate during the live stream.

Ludwig most subs
Ludwig stands at the top of the Sub Count Chart (Credit: Twitchtracker)

How Long Did Ludwig’s Subathon Last?

Simple answer: 31 days!

We saw Ludwig’s daily life for 31 days straight. 24/7 for exactly one month.

How Will xQc Dethrone Ludwig as the Most Subbed Steamer?

xQc says it will be “easier!” The streamer, often prone to drama, knows exactly how to excite his viewers and tells us exactly how he will beat Ludwig.

“We’ll beat the record by a longshot”. A bold claim made by xQc, who plans to trick the Twitch subbing system by pre-paying people to sub, in case the timer ever runs low. A sneaky move, but this is exactly what xQc does best. There is a good reason why he has been banned from the GTA V No Pixel server four times already! 

When Will the xQc Subathon Begin?

Quick Answer: In about 1 month or so.

No official date has been announced, but xQc plans to wait until everyone’s sub to Ludwig has lapsed and will therefore have more possible subs in the monthly Twitch sub-pool. A GENIUS idea.

Let’s see if xQc is all talk, or if he follows through with his boast, otherwise, Ludwig will just have to keep his title of most subbed streamer. If the Subathon doesn't work out for xQc, he could consider a Hot Tub Stream! 

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